Portfolio & Testimonials

Tequila (Tee) is my stylist and she is amazing!!! She made the move to MJ2 after her time at Salon Pressure. Since day 1, Tee has always greeted me with a smile and welcomed me with open arms. Not only is she a kind person, but is a go-to person for hair care and maintenance. Some stylists are just "stylists" and can forget about the "hair care" aspect of the salon, but Tee is great at both! She's not afraid to say " I think you need a cut today" or "I'll leave you under the steamer a little bit longer, because your hair feels dry." Especially with someone with natural hair, it's important that I have a good hair care routine. On top of her being a great stylist, Tee is probably one of the most accommodating schedulers! I cannot tell you how many times I have booked an appointment last minute or have asked to be seen before or after hours. In summary, there has never been a day where I don't leave the Salon feeling like Beyonce! ^_^

Leila Pree

If you are seeking a very professional salon then MJ2 Salon is it! The ambience is very inviting. My stylist is Tequila and she is the best! She is very customer service friendly and treats me with so much respect. No matter what I look like going in...I always look like royalty leaving out. People I know always ask me who does my hair and I am happy to share her with them. I have the STS system for my natural hair but she can style you no matter your hair type. I have watched her perform miracles in some cases. She is a true hair doctor!

Tiffany Robinson

Tequila is a wonderful stylist..My twists look heathy and wonderfully styled. I received a lot of compliments from co-workers and others. A few friends have also taken their daughters to her for styles. I have natural hair and wouldn't go any place else for care and maintenance.

Kimberly Taylor

I really enjoyed my first salon experience. I initially was anxious about getting my hair done but my stylist Tequila made me feel comfortable. She was very knowledgeable about natural kinky hair and offered good advice on how to maintain healthy hair. I definitely recommend this salon!

Petri Sykes